The history of Trattoria Antonio

Where the basilica of Marciana once stood, Sor Antonio opened a rotisserie in 1934. A place destined to conquer the palate of countless diners, including Minister Preti, until it reached the top of the Monks Guide.
In the bubbling Via dei Pastini that leads from the desires of the Trevi Fountain to the majestic Pantheon, symbol par excellence of every divinity present, past and future, you can still find Trattoria Antonio.

In a pleasant place able to immerse you in the memory of Augustan RomeIn a peaceful niche where the hustle and bustle of the Eternal City leaves room for quiet and elegance, you can take a sensory journey to discover the flavors of a distant Rome, still narrated by the menu of 1934, processed with the most innovative culinary techniques and accompanied by the aromas released from the best Italian wines carefully selected.

Historical material of our Trattoria